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Venisha Naran speech and audiology therapist

Welcome to Ronel Kilian Audiologist & Speech Therapist

Your communication difficulties, both hearing and speech, is our priority.

Your hearing

  1. Do you find it difficult to follow conversation or complain that you don’t always hear people?
  2. Do you feel that people are mumbling and that you have to ask people to repeat themselves constantly?
  3. Do family members complain that you do not hear them and that you put the tv/radio too loud?
  4. Do you have constant ringing in your ears?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, please contact us for an Audiological evaluation.

My practice provides the following services:

  • Diagnostic hearing testing for babies to adults.
  • Referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist or a Medical practitioner, if the hearing problem requires medical attention.
  • Supply, fit and offer training in the use of hearing instruments when medication or surgery in not indicated.
  • Hearing aid adaption therapy and/or assistance with adjustments and repairs for optimal hearing aid use.
  • Evaluation and management of tinnitus (ringing sound in the head or ears).